March 27th 2020: Psalm 102

You can read today’s passage here: Psalm 102

You can listen to today’s passage here: Psalm 102

Some of us have been through times when we’ve wanted to lament – to let it all go, say what we really think, at a time, or times, when  it’s all been too much. ‘It’ could be a huge variety of things and I wouldn’t want to seek for you when you think about the reasons or situations you’ve been in that have led you to lament. When we’re talking about lament, though, we’re not meaning to lament your football team conceding a last minute goal to lose. We’re talking about something which has really changed the course of your life. Perhaps something that made you aware of your mortality, or something that was so deeply sad that it cut you right to the core. Each of us would have something different in our histories which is the thing that we most immediately think of when I describe such a feeling.

The writer of today’s psalm is in that place exactly. Such a feeling of pain and desolation as they describe could, for some of us, be unimaginable, but I bet it isn’t for all of us. This person is at the end of themselves and sees that their very life might end soon. And yet they want their words passed on so that future generations might praise the Lord. That’s quite some faith, right there. Further, the psalmist recognises that once their days are over, the Lord will still be the Lord and, as He is still God, the order of things will still be right.

Is your faith as strong as that? Is mine?

Looking forwards, the psalmist sees that those condemned to death will be released by God. As we live in uncertain times, times which none of us are certain of living through to the other side of, today’s psalm reminds us be faithful to God and to trust Him that those who live beyond us will be free to worship Him without fear.

Something To Do

At the end of reading or listening to a sobering psalm today, send an encouraging message of some kind to someone in a future generation reminding them to stay faithful to God.

Something to Pray

If you feel like lamenting today, then do. Be honest with God. If you don’t feel like lamenting today, pray for those around you who are in a place of sorrow that they would know comfort in their weariness and struggle.

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