An update on what we’re doing with and for children, families and young people

If you want to keep up with the videos we are posting for children, families and young people during the time of Covid-19, you can view the playlist of all 24 (!) of the videos we have so far here

There is plenty going on ‘behind the scenes’ with activities and groups taking place most days of the week. People are engaging with God, with prayer, with the Bible, sometimes for the first time and finding hope both in God and in the community that goops that we are running offer to them.

Tracy, Mell and James are keeping in touch with individuals and families and we are seeking ways to involve and support as many people as we can at the moment. They are all doing amazing work and are working very hard too (says Haydon). Please pray for them and for this work.

We are also finding ways to support local schools. This varies from school to school, a lot of it is emails and phone calls, but Haydon has also begun contributing to the Assembly of Northampton Academy on a weekly basis. We’re really grateful to the school for the invitation to do this and for the opportunity it offers.

You can see and hear his contribution to this week’s Assembly here

There has already been some great and very kind feedback from the Principal of Northampton Academy for these offerings:

These aren’t shared to ‘big up’ Haydon. He is big enough as it is. I think it shows how Emmanuel is perceived as a Church and as a community -serving organisation. We are seeking to live out the way and values of the kingdom. It is great when this is recognised by people around us.

Other assembly and other communication opportunities have been offered too, for which we are most grateful. Please do pray for those, too.

We hope you’ll agree that there is a lot to be thankful for from this work and that there is also a lot to hope for and look forward to, too.

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