Messy Church


Are you interested in going to church, but it´s just difficult your wild and vivid children to a traditional service? Do you get bored at a very structured and wordy church? 

We´ve tried to set up a family friendly event that is open to literally everyone. In order to that there will be loads of different activities around a certain topic like the christmas story. We do craft, games, videos and see if and how this old bible text can have relevance to us today. There will be snacks and hot drings available and the opportunity just to meet nice people and have a chat. 

 Follow our Facebook Page to get informed when the next Messy Church will be happening or contact Paul, our community worker, (

Messy Church will focus on three events throught the year,  
Easter, Harvest and Christmas, in one of the vacant shops kindly lent to us by Weston Favell Centre

These are in partnership with other churches in our community, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Salvation Army and Storehouse Church. 

Where to find it