A Reflection for Good Friday

Yesterday morning, quite early (!), I was invited to give a ‘thought for the day’ on BBC Northampton, linking in with Good Friday being the start of what is usually a big weekend in the football season. Even though I’d rather it was better known for other reasons, of course, it was great to be invited to share with those listening. In lieu of a reflection post for yesterday – sorry, it’s been a busy time preparing things for Good Friday and Easter Sunday – here’s the reflection I shared.


It could be a Friday like any other. Looking out of my window as I share these thoughts with you this morning, all looks quiet, the sun is rising and the day looks like it has the chance to be a bright one ahead. 

And then I remember: it’s a Bank Holiday, Good Friday. No work for most of you listening today, time to rest, time with family and plenty besides, no doubt.

And then I remember: Good Friday should mean it’s a weekend with two Cobblers games in it. One of my favourite weekends of the year. So often promotion and relegation issues have been settled decisively one way or another this weekend. It’s never boring being a Cobblers fan, as many of you will know. Except of course this year there is no football to punctuate the Easter weekend. This is a Bank Holiday weekend unlike any that any of us has ever known in a series of days and weeks unlike any of us have ever known.

There was another Friday, long ago that could have been just another day and indeed was for many. But not for one man. For that one man, dying on a hill in Palestine in a supreme act of love and sacrifice, made faith, hope and love real and reachable for each one of us. And if you reach out today searching for enough faith, hope and love to get through today, you’ll find Jesus is already there, reaching out for you. Good Friday, Best Friday. It could have been just another day. But it wasn’t. Thank goodness for that.

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