If you join us on a Sunday in any of our three congregations, we hope that you will be welcomed well, first of all, and then that you will find our services approachable, relaxed and that they point you to God, leaving you refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

You’ll find that our ecumenical nature (different denominations living and worshipping God together) means that sometimes Communion, or Morning Worship, might not look as you’re used to, but we hope you’ll enjoy exploring with us.

We value very highly the idea of worshipping together as a whole family, so at least two Sundays a month, we have all-age services. In Emmanuel these are called iPraise and Cafe Church. In Rectory Farm, these include the Praise and Pray service. You are never too young to know God or to join in in worship, nor too old.

Upcoming Services

Date Emmanuel 10:30am Boothville 10:30am Rectory Farm 10:30am Wednesday 1:30pm Communion
31 March 2018 Mother’s Day 4th of Lent 1 Samuel 1:20-28John 19:25-27 Local Arrangement Local Arrangement Holy Communion Kris Hatherly & Keith Holland-Delamere 3/4 Phil Snelson
7 April 2018 5th of Lent Mark 15:33-41 Holy Communion Haydon Spenceley + Morning Worship David Bell Family Worship Phil Snelson Baptism 10/4
14 April 2018 Palm Sunday Mark 11:1-10Mark 15:33-41 iPraise Phil Snelson & Ken Clark Holy Communion Doug Spenceley Holy Communion Haydon Spenceley + 17/4
19 April 2018 Good Friday Haydon Spenceley + James O’Sullivan no service
21 April 2018 Easter Day Luke 24:1-12 Phil Snelson, Stuart Jenkins Communion and Baptisms Holy Communion Chris Pearson Holy Communion Haydon Spenceley + Doug Spenceley 24/4 Doug Spenceley
28 April 2018 2nd of Easter Mark 16:1-8 Café Church Peter Angus & Ken Clark Morning Worship Kris Hatherly & James O’Sullivan Holy Communion Doug Spenceley 1/5

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